Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The truth about Protein and your hair.

For all my sisters with slow growing tightly coily curly hair giving your hair a protein treatment such as Aphogee 2-step will make a huge difference in you retaining length. It is the best thing you can do for your hair, in my experience and opinion.

 Protein, whats the real deal?

Frequently the subject of protein comes up on the hair forums, hair blogs and amongst  the youtube haircare gurus. So what is the deal with protein treatments and why are people constantly talking about protein overload and protein sensitivity?

What are protein treatments?
These are treatments comprised of proteins from various sources such as: silk protein, wheat protein, human hair collagen  and other various animal proteins. Forget about the long lists the best protein you can use on your hair is a treatment which contains hydrolyzed keratin protein. Remember the majority of your hair is made up of protein.

What should I expect from a protein treatment?
Hydrolyzed protein is small enough to adhere to your individual hair strands. Your hair will feel different. Why? The different texture is from the tiny particles of hydrolyzed protein which are stuck to your hair strands. These tiny particles instantly make your fine or weak hair stronger. So you are creating an illusion here, because protein treatments are temporary. How long a treatment lasts depends on the quality of the protein treatment you choose. Always follow the directions of the protein treatment you choose to use. Remember anytime you add something foreign to the hair your hair will feel different. When you add extensions your hair feels different. When you add conditioner your hair feels different. Your hair should feel stronger but not like straw. Instantly after a good protein treatment your breakage should decrease by 50% or more after just one good protein treatment.

Who needs extra protein on their hair strands?
Anyone who:
has chemically treated hair  (relaxers, perms and permanent color)
If you use curling irons, or flat irons or blow dryers.
If you style your hair a lot
if you brush your hair a lot
if you have weak hair that tangles
if you are currently experiencing breakage
if you decide to press your hair

Why do I recommend hydrolyzed keratin protein as the best to use?

Because this particular proteins molecular structure is small enough to adhere to the hair shaft and strengthen each strand for up to 6 weeks each treatment. These treatments involve infusing protein which has been hydrolyzed, and when applied to the hair it hardens with the help of heat and your breakage will stop by at least 50% after the first treatment and 70% after the second treatment on average. So look for treatments which have hydrolyzed keratin protein listed as the second or third ingredient on the bottle. If a product says it is a protein treatment or hair reconstructor but the protein is listed as the 5th or 10th ingredient, leave it in the store. You are wasting your money. When your hair is breaking you cannot afford to buy weak products which waste your time and wash off your hair down your drain.

So you think you are protein sensitive? Since your hair is protein, it is less likely that you are protein sensitive.  Here are 4 common reasons why some have a problem with protein products

Reason 1: Using to much protein. You only need one good protein product in your regimen. When you do protein treatments, do not use shampoos or conditioners that contain additional protein. Do not apply treatment more frequently than the directions specify,this  leads to over coating your hair strands, which makes the hair feel hard. If this happens, all you need to do is give yourself a series of deep conditioning treatments.

Reason 2: Your hair is normal and healthy and you do not need the additional protein. Just because its popular does not mean that you need it. Evaluate your hair first. You hair is already protein, and if you eat healthy and take care of it and do not abuse it, you probably do not need additional protein. (Note: because of our standard beauty practices this applies to very few women)

Reason 3: Not applying enough moisture back into your hair after a protein treatment. Moisture, moisture, moisture. Follow the directions of the protein treatment you choose to use, do not make your own instructions up. Your hair will feel a little different after the treatment, that is normal, but it should not be hard nor stiff. It should feel stronger. You are instructed to apply a deep moisturizing conditioning treatment after you rinse the protein from your hair. 

Reason 4: You did not follow the instructions. It is very important to follow the instructions on your bottle and not what someone else is doing.
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I recommend the Aphogee 2 step protein treatment if you are experiencing breakage or have relaxed hair. It is the best on the market and cost effective. Subscribe to this blog for more information about protein or hair, and leave your questions below.


  1. Thanks for this much needed reminder! I have years of experience with keeping my relaxed hair healthy and growing, but being only 7 months natural has me feeling like a newbie again. It's frustrating to once again be searching for answers and rarely finding the right ones. My hair is extremely fine and probably needs much more protein than I'm willing to give it, but some of these videos/blogs/forums make you protein paranoid!

  2. Thanks for your comment! Yes they do make you protein paranoid, I feel somebody mentioned it one day and people just ran with it. In many cases blaming protein overload on their hair, when that may not be the case. It could of just been the product used. Honestly I find that with fine hair that extra reinforcement of protein is a miracle worker in helping afro fine hair retain length. You hair does not pop as easily. I just say follow the directions and add lots of moisture back to your hair after a treatment such as Aphogee 2-step. And do not over do it with protein in other products. Thanks again blessings to you!

  3. What if you are protein sensitivity then what do you use?

  4. There really is no such thing. You can be allergic to any type of product. But as far as protein sensitive that is not the case, usually the person is not aware of how the hair should feel with protein on it. Also the proper directions are not being followed for the protein product you used. Protein sensitive is just easy for people to say. Your hair is protein so you are not sensitive to protein.

  5. Thanks for sharing! Very informative and useful!

  6. Do I need to deep condition after using the aphogee two step protein treatment?

    1. Yes follow the instructions on the aphogee bottle.

  7. What about the aphogee 2 minute reconstructor. Would you say it is good as a protein treatment?

  8. I did it!i used the Aphogee ( my sometimes hairdresser) and my hair feel 70% better! I was shedding for months, then after reading this article, I got a treatment and the shedding cut down 30%. I think I need one more to further cut down the shedding.