Saturday, December 10, 2016

The best conditioning ingredient for 4C hair or dry hair

Does your hair feel hard?

Dry or brittle? Knots?

Does your hair not hold moisture all day?

If any of these are your hair issues, then you should use products high in glycerin.

Pillow soft twist outs!

Glycerin is a super softener and humectant.
Nothing makes your hair as soft as glycerin.

Glycerin is the best softener, conditioner and detangler for coily hair. Look for glycerin in the top 5 ingredients. Glycerin is okay to use all year round, but it does not mix well with flat ironing.  

A leave in conditioner is any product that contains ingredients which can be left on the hair and provides conditioning to your hair. 

It does not have to be labeled as a "leave in" conditioner. 

1. Coily Custard, by Miss Jessie's

2. SCURL Curl activator

3. CQR-Super Detangler, Conditioner
If you rather make a completely natural glycerin leave in, her is an awesome recipe.
This can be used as a detangler and a leave in conditioner

4. Cantu curl activator

5. Shea Moisture curl enhancing smoothie


When using the Scurl or Cantu curl activator, you might find you need to use more of your hold product. The high glycerin content in these products tend to make the hair so soft, that it does not hold a style well. 

If you intend to heat straighten or roller set your hair do not use the scurl product or the cantu curl activator. A large amount of glycerin does not work well with flat irons. It also does not set the hair very well and can make it gummy when mixed with heat from a flat iron. 


  1. I'm going to try glycerin. Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. Thanks. I always struggle with whether or not to use it in the Winter.

  3. Woww... Wondered eye opener.