Wednesday, March 29, 2023

How to get rid of bad tangles

Due to its curly nature, Afro hair will always have a certain number of tangles. Curly hair will curl around the next hair. But it should not stick to the next hair. Your 4c hair should not have excessive tangles. When you detangle healthy hair, each hair glides around the next hair without snagging it or creating more knots. When the hair cuticle is healthy your curls glide around each other like a perfect waltz. 

What can you do if you suffer from excessive tangling? You can detangle your hair, but before you can finish your whole head it has already begun to tangle again. Do not settle for excessive tangling. You can get rid of bad tangles. This will shorten your shampoo days and style time. 

My number one solution against excessive tangles is to replace your shampoo with a bentonite clay cleanser. You can make your own clay wash or buy one that is already prepared. I have both of these solutions for you. 

Easy Clay cleanser

1/3 cup of Bentonite clay

1/4 cup of Moroccan red clay

3/4 cup of filtered water

1 tbsp organic apple cider vinegar

Blend together until your mix is smooth and not runny. 


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