Monday, March 27, 2023

How to stretch Afro hair without heat!

 Afro hair is beautiful in its curly crown of glory! But there are times, those with curly hair want to stretch their coils. Many use a blow dryer for quick stretches. Blow dryers are the second worst tool you can use on your hair. The curling iron is number one. 

Blow dryers, remove all the moisture from your hair and that is not a good thing for coily hair. Magnetic rollers are a great healthy way to stretch your hair. You can buy these rollers from any beauty supply store. Get either large or extra-large. The very large rollers will give you the best stretch. Your stretch will be better than using a blow dryer and certainly healthier. 

Roll hair on magnetic rollers while hair is wet. Apply leave in conditioner and a small amount of non-alcohol base setting lotion. Roll hair in medium to large sections. Do not make them too big that the rollers fall out easily. 


You can purchase large or extra-large. In general, you will need two packs. It does depend on how thick your hair is. Apply rollers and allow hair to air dry overnight. You will experience a beautiful stretch. 

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