Saturday, August 5, 2017

Correcting your chronically dry hair

Are you tired of dealing with dry, brittle hair? 
Does your hair not retain moisture for at least 3 days? 
Do you have to keep a water bottle on standby, to keep your hair from becoming hard and knotted? 
Does your hair not style well? 
Does it snap and pop when it is dry? 

If one or more of these issues applies to your hair, you have severely dehydrated hair. Dehydrated hair does not hold a style well, retain length well and feels hard all the time. The Coily Queens Regimen is your solution to hydrated, soft, fast growing, easy styling hair. The Coily Queens Regimen is a lifestyle for your hair. Created to help you grow your hair to long lengths. 

Long healthy hair can be yours on the CQR

Before you begin the regimen here are 4 steps to correcting your chronically dry hair


STEP 1: Product overhaul 

  • Only cleanse with a non sulfate shampoo or clay wash
  • Stop using any products which contain harsh ingredients
  • Purchase products which are as close to natural as you can get
  • Use natural cold pressed unrefined oils
  • No co washing
  • No harsh gels, only botanical gels
  • Coily Queen approved brands: Camille Rose, Shea Moisture, Alikay Naturals, Mielle Organics, TGIN, Luv Naturals, Jane Carter Solutions.

STEP 2:  Jump start your hydration by choosing plan A or B

Plan A)   If your issue is  hard, brittle hair, then complete the 3 day intensive moisture treatment.  Steps HERE

Plan B)  If your hair issue is dry hair with excessive tangles and knots,  then complete the 
18 day moisture and lubrication treatment. HERE

Go over the tips on the dry hair checklist and adjust your regimen to fit the list. Read more details about the dry hair checklist HERE.

STEP 4: You are ready to begin the Coily Queens Regimen HERE

What to expect on the CQR
Elimination of single strand knots
No more excessive tangles
Better hair growth
Better styling hair
Faster wash regimens



  1. Ok Ms Vee! You now have my full attention! I have been stalking around your blog for months not really committing,taking a few tips here and there. I decided to commit to the regrime for tangled hair.Then I did my first ever moroccan red clay wash because my hair is parched with the oilest, itchiest, flakiest scalp with severe hair loss (I'm seeing a tricologist in 3 weeks). I haven't seen a flake yet-there are always flakes stuck in my hair even after washing. That was 3 days ago. I'm so shocked I don't know what to say..

    1. I am happy for you! Thanks for sharing your progress. Stick with the full regimen for even better results.