Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Coily Queen shampoo method for hydration

The Coily Queens Regimen is a lifestyle program for growing coily hair long and healthy. The regimen has a specific way of cleansing and conditioning. This is to ensure that your hair receives proper hydration. 

Shampoo day is more than just cleansing the hair of germs. It is also the way to hydrate the hair. Properly hydrated hair creates the best twist outs, braid outs and wet sets. Hydrated hair also helps you retain the most length. If your hair root is alive, this regimen will reap you mid back length, waist length and up to hip length hair. 

This process should be used in combination with the rest of the Coily Queens program, in order to achieve long, healthy hair. 

Products needed
A non sulphate shampoo
Organic apple cider vinegar
Deep conditioner
A natural leave in conditioner

Step one: Allow medium temp water to run over hair for 1 to 3 minutes. With hair under water massage your scalp, then smooth fingers over your hair in a downward motion. Saturate hair well.

Shampoo hair is big twists, if  you have excessive tangles

Step two:
 Apply shampoo to hair and cleanse. Cleanse hair in sections. Hold the ends of each section as you massage the scalp with the other hand. Rinse lather again and rinse. 


Step three: Deep condition or condition hair. Sit under a heating cap, hooded dryer or steamer. Rinse out conditioner with cool or room temp water. (Do not towel dry or remove water)
Step four:  Fully saturate hair with all of ACV rinse.  Let it sit on hair for 3 minutes, then rinse with cool water. (Do not towel dry or remove water)
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ACV can be used once a week
You can substitute ACV with the aloe Vera spritz, if desired. 

Step five:  With hair still soaking wet apply your natural leave in conditioner. Follow with the rest of your style products, oil scalp and sealant

CQ recommended sealants

Jojoba oil
Kuza hemp grease
Avocado oil
Shea Butter

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