Saturday, April 2, 2016

Help, my hair is growing slow!

I have been natural for 3 years. I shampoo once per week. My hair is growing, but it appears to be growing rather slowly, well below the average. I have seen women who have been natural for 1.5 years and they have really  good growth. What am I doing wrong???

Identify whether you are having a retention issue or growth problem.

Hair retention, how much of your hair growth each month are you able to hold onto. Your hair is growing at the average rate, however it is breaking off  due to various reasons.

Reasons for most hair breakage
Weak hair. your protein have been weakened, thus hair breaks easily. (breakage solution)
Dehydrated hair, due to long term lack of moisture. (dry hair solution)
Untangling hair improper (How to untangle hair properly)
Damaged hair cuticles due to using brushes, combs, flat irons and other heat tools. (heat damage)
Using bad ingredients which damage your hair.
Dry hair due to lack of cleansing and conditioning. (developing a good regimen)
Harsh chemicals such as hair dyes, texturizers and such. (moisturizing dyed hair)

Growth problem. The average rate of hair growth per month is .50 an inch. Some people receive less than this and that is slow hair growth.

Reasons for slow hair growth
Harsh ingredients (bad ingredients to look out for)
Vitamin and mineral  deficiencies (good HSN vitamins)
Scalp fungus (treating fungus)
Health issues and certain medications (health/hair loss)

Once you identify what is getting in the way of your growth or retention issue then you treat that area. For most people it is several areas, they must correct. Select the article next to your length blocker and start your corrective journey today. 

After you have corrected your issue join one or my hair growth challenges to give your hair growth a much needed BOOST!!!

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